Register composition in register transfer stage

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The register in the register transfer stage is actually composed of NAND logic. Subdivide it into AND, OR, NOR logic, and then reach the gate level (they are like a door, blocking / allowing the electrical signal In and out, hence the name).

Whether it is a digital circuit or an analog circuit, to the bottom is the transistor level. All logic gates (AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR, XOR, etc.) are composed of transistors. Therefore, from the macro to the micro level, the integrated circuit reaches the bottom, and it is actually all transistors and wires connecting them.

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In the early days, bipolar transistors (BJT) were commonly used, commonly known as triodes. It is connected to a resistor, power supply, and capacitor, which itself has the function of amplifying the signal. Like stacking wood, it can be used to form. a variety of circuits, such as switches, voltage / current source circuits, logic gate circuits mentioned above, filters, comparators, adders and even integrators. The circuit built by BJT is called TTL (Transistor-TransistorLogic) circuit. The BJT circuit symbol looks like this:

Later, the emergence of metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) swept the IC field with excellent electrical characteristics and ultra-low power consumption. In addition to the BJT in the analog circuit and the figure, basically the current integrated circuits are composed of MOS tubes. Similarly, it can build thousands of circuits. And it can also be used as basic circuit components such as resistance and capacitance through proper connection. The circuit symbol of MOSFET is as follows:

In actual industrial production, chip manufacturing is actually the manufacturing process of thousands of transistors. In reality, the hierarchical order of manufacturing chips will be reversed, starting from the bottom transistor and building up layer by layer. Basically, in the order of "transistor-" chip-"circuit board", we can finally get the core component of electronic products-circuit board.

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