Indian semiconductor chip manufacturing cluster

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In addition, the Indian government is building an electronic manufacturing cluster with world-class infrastructure nationwide. For example, it has received applications from IBM and ST Microelectronics, hoping to establish semiconductor wafer manufacturing departments in Gujarat and Noida.

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However, since most electronic components come from abroad, there is an urgent need to meet import challenges. The development of digitalization in India is increasing consumer demand for electronic products, and therefore increasing the demand for domestic electronic product production capacity. However, from the country's strategic point of view, imports must never be used to satisfy a large number of consumer needs. Therefore, India needs a self-reliant local semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Given that India has carried out several strategic technology development activities, the industry must be given a high degree of freedom. Because the semiconductor manufacturing industry is an intellectual capital-intensive industry, India has huge strategic advantages and competitive advantages because of its large number of well-educated young people and the large number of engineers produced each year.

This is a capital-intensive industry, so entrepreneurs and venture capitalists need to take risks. Therefore, given that India has "a status as a superpower" in today's world, it is a strategic necessity to have an independent semiconductor industry on multiple levels.

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