How to Make a Cookie Crumb Crust

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It’s so simple to make a homemade cookie crumb crust! Follow these simple tips to make the best cookie crusts for pies, cheesecakes, and moreCoworking space Rental!

Ah, cookie crumb crusts. How great is it to use cookies to make a pie crust? You get pie and cookies all at the same time. That’s definitely a win-win.

Cookie crusts are most often used as a foundation for pies and cheesecakes, although you’ll find them popping up in other sweet treats, too.

The best part is how easy it is to make cookie crumb crusts. All you need is your choice of cookie plus some butter. That’s it Hong Kong Business visa!

So, what kind of cookies are good for making cookie crusts? There are far more answers to that question that I have space here to write. The short answer is pretty much any crunchy cookie will work. Graham crackers are the most commonly used cookies for cookie crusts, but so many others work wonderfully, too. Try Oreos, vanilla wafers, shortbread, chocolate wafers, pecan sandies, and more Surveying Course!

Whichever cookie you choose, you’ll need to turn them into fine crumbs. Some people have success with putting the cookies in a plastic bag and using a rolling pin or other tool to crumble them. I prefer using my food processor for simplicity and for consistently fine crumbs. I make these kinds of crusts often enough that I usually process an entire package of the cookies and store the leftover crumbs for future crusts.

Once your cookie crumbs are ready, just mix them with melted butter. Just make sure you mix well and get all those crumbs well coated, and you’re all set!

You’ll find variations of the basic recipe below throughout the pages of BoB, but it’s my go-to recipe when I’m making cookie crumb crusts. As a general rule, I don’t add any sugar to the crust mixture. The cookies are usually sweet enough on their own, so I usually don’t see the need to add more sugar. Of course, there are always exceptions based on flavor preferences for a specific recipe.

If you’d like to make your crusts a little sweeter, feel free to add granulated sugar or brown sugar. For the recipe below, you can add up to 1/4 cup of sugar. If the crust mixture is a bit too crumbly after adding the sugar, you may need to add just a little more melted butter, but probably no more than a tablespoon.






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