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This temple, which is introduced to you today, can be said to be the temple of our domestic "the most luxurious". It is said that the construction of a successful cost of $4 billion is also very rare in our country, and the appearance of the whole temple seems to be a very luxurious atmosphere. It's a shock to many of the tourists. Here's a brief introduction.

In our country, there is a first mountain in Nanjing. There is a temple called the Temple of the Buddha in this mountain. The first mountain of the cowshanghai to hong kong flightsis a famous mountain of Buddhism. It is also known as a Buddhist holy land. The whole temple covers an area of 900 mu. All the buildings are well designed and built, divided into two parts, namely, the Temple of Zen and the Palace.

It is also worth mentioning that this very luxuriousshanghai to hkgtemple, with a Sakyamuni Buddha's top bone, can also be said to have a very high collection value, and for this reason, a lot of tourists are attracted to the tourist card, unlike other temples, The temple is also full of modern sense, with some of the lights and the design of the scene, as well as the favourite of the tourists.

The upper level of the temple will occasionally have a performance, and there is a seri tower in the lower house, and the construction is also very spectacular. The cost of a $4 billion temple ticket is only 98 yuan, and if there are some documents, it's worth it.

It's also very rare for us to be able to travel, and this is a spectacular building, and it's very rare in our country.

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