This imperial mausoleum in China, the architecture is unique

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Mingling, located on the pure de mountain in zhongxiang, hubei province, has a very long history recently. Although the imperial mausoleum is not so well-known compared with the ming and ming tombs, his scale is still relatively large and fully in line with the royal style.

However, because of the problems of the historical development dynasties, it has also been seriously damaged here, although it still retains its solemnshanghai to hong kong flightstemperament, it can be said that its fate is not smooth sailing, the cultural relics originally stored in it have also been plundered for some reasons, after the founding of the people's Republic of China, a wide range of repairs and reinforcement have been carried out, so some buildings have been relatively well preserved so far.

In these years, the tourism industry has beenshanghai to hkgvigorously developed, but the popularity of the attraction has not been improved, and it is a very sad thing to say, and occasionally some photographers come to the scene, and the ancient building is still standing on the pure-de mountain. It's worth it for everyone to go to the card.

It is said that the local festival will be held every year in March, and it is also because the past Ming-Shizong will come to this worship at the time of March 3 each year, and thus form. the local custom-specific activities. If you're interested, you can go to the tour.


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