This mysterious temple in China, the environment is beautiful

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Chengdu, I believe that there are a lot of tourists are also very yearning for this city, this is a small city with a slow pace of life, it is also a very comfortable thing to travel here on holiday, the domestic tourist attractions are also very many, and there are a lot of unique food to taste, so in recent years, more and more tourists are visiting.

Today, I introduce to you this scenic spot, that is, Puzhaoguangxi flightsTemple, located in Chengdu, although its popularity is not very high, but the scenery around this temple is really very good, and incense is also relatively exuberant, but because time has passed too long, the time of this temple has been unable to verify, only know that it was destroyed at the end of the Ming Dynasty, so it also added a trace of mystery to the temple.

It is said that many of the stars are also blessed in the temple, and the temple is dedicated to the monks and the ancestral divisions, because the local climate is more suitable, so the four seasons of the year are very suitable for sightseeing and praying, and thereshanghai to hong kongis a very mysterious legend here. A lot of tourists were also attracted to the card.

It is said that Zhang Xianzhong is in the temple in the near treasure of the vitiligo, but the specific location is only one of the monks and the Chinese ancestors. He has been adhering to his duties and protecting the treasure until he died, and he did not explain the treasure to the disciples. It was said that the Monk of the Monastery had accidentally unearthed the treasure, but because it was a secret, it was not suitable for publicity.

It can be said that this temple is also very legendary, not knowing whether people also have a strong interest in it, and if there is an opportunity, go to the travel card.


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