The air ticket is getting cheaper and cheaper, and the number of visitors

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There are many modes of travel, and the people of the country can choose their favorite transportation. Because China's high-speed rail technology is relatively developed, the high-speed rail network is almost everywhere in China, and the country wants to travel easily, so many people travel at home, most people travel on the high-speed rail.

The same is true of me. Although the relatively long journey will be difficult, it is also the fastest transportation outside the plane. Therefore, I travel on the high-speed railway. The most important thing is that the high-speed railflights from guangzhou to bangkokticket is much cheaper than the airport ticket. If you see a young man on the high-speed rail, go home or travel.

Now that you're going to travel, you can't avoid the air ticket problem. I've met a lot of people at the time of the trip, and they all say that travel is a high-speed rail, and it's very rare to take the plane, unless it's a travel abroad. But when I'm looking at the air ticket most recently, I find that the air ticket is getting cheaper and the number of visitors to the plane is increasing. What is that?

My friend said, the main reason is three, the first is not convenient. The location of the airport in other cities is remote, in addition to the convenience of some metro-equipped cities. It takes more time to go to the airport, meaning you're about to go out a clock early. The high-speed rail is more convenient with respect to the plane, so many of the people are going out on the high-speed rail.

The second is that the safety is not high. Maybe the young man can't see any restrictions on the plane, but taking into account the body, some older tourists can't take the plane, and some of the high-flying tourists are. And the high-speedguangzhou to bangkok flightsrail is relatively safe and convenient, the speed is not slow, and a relatively safe vehicle can be selected. If you travel abroad, unless you are a country with a rail communication with my country, you are going to travel by the plane.

The third is the time problem. For tourists who often travel by plane, aircraft delays are a very normal thing for them. Moreover, the delay and delay of the plane is long if the weather is in bad weather. If the weather is not improved, it will stop flying. This is hard to accept for some tourists who have arranged their journey.

But if you didn't  take the plane, I suggest you try it. Because only at that height can the feeling of flying in the air can be experienced, with the white clouds shoulder by side, the head of the sun.

Tickets are getting cheaper and more, but the number of tourists on the plane has not increased, mainly for these three reasons. What do you think of this?


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