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Although Chinese is the number one speaker in the world today, the influence of Chinese in the sea over the years is still inferior to that of English, and there are even fewer countries that can learn Chinese automatically. However, with the expansion of China's influence in recent years, more and more countries have really begunflights from guangzhou to bangkokto attach importance to and learn Chinese. For example, Russia announced the inclusion of Chinese as a national examination program a while ago, and more people left China to study Chinese. This is not the time before, another Middle East country ostensibly calculated the attitude of the whole quintessence of Chinese, this country is Saudi Arabia.

The cause was decided by his Saudi prince after his visit to China, and the plan to include Chinese subjects directly in all levels of education in the sea is now on the agenda, which is undoubtedly an extraordinarily important decision. And this course will also become a compulsory course, it is necessary to stop the exam, it seems time for friends in the Middle East to experience the fear of being dominated by Chinese. However, it may be seen from this that Saudi Arabia's value in dealing with Chinese and our country is really a proud job.

However, many local netizens are worried, because to know that Chinese is recognized as the most difficult to speak in the sea for many years, many students in our country can not be said to be particularly good at learning, not to mention the students in this Middle East country, so many local students are quite afraid of the coming Chinese course. But there are also many locals who think it is a meritorious service. After all, the rise of China today is an obvious job in their eyes, and it may be possible to learn Chinese well and perhaps better cooperate with China in the future, which is a meritorious virtue of killing two birds with one stone.

The least easy thing is that as the birthplace of the founders of Islam, it has always been closed and traditional, and it is an extraordinarily unique place in Islamic countries to learn to speak to other countries automatically. It remains to be seen how it will be in the future, but it is estimated that Saudi Arabia is the only country that values Chinese so much that many people should not have thought that this country, which has been rich since the 1990s and holds the world's first kerosene exports and the world's second kerosene reserves, will eventually learn Chinese automatically, which has shocked many big countries.

Saudi Arabia, however, is not entirely free to complain, mostly due to the fact that its country was too closed and traditional before that. Here, the status of women is extremely low, women's dress and behavior. are strictly regulated, and it is not until the last two years that local women have the right to drive. And the country has stopped discriminating against most religious groups and atheists, taking religion too seriously and not being too rigorous about the use of the death penalty, which is a bit "too much".

Fortunately, it seems that because the local tourism industry has become more and more developed in recent years, the local feudal situation is slowly not as strict as it used to be, not only to lift the ban on the film industry, but also for many tourists to leave here without so many restrictions. Although for tourists, there are still some places to pay attention to when leaving here, but on the whole, you can still get a good tour experience. This is a desolate country, but it is extremely prosperous and has excellent tourist premises. Perhaps one of the most important reasons Saudi Arabia attracts tourists is the perfect combination of religion and prosperity.

At present, the number of passengers in the localguangzhou to bangkok flightssea is in the top 20 around the world! In addition, now that the local people are starting to raise the quintessence of Chinese, maybe in the future, Chinese tourists may not even have to bring an interpreter with them. They just need to bring their luggage passports, and they don't have to worry about speaking differently. They may also bring you a kind of intimacy in the sea. Although the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia is very famous today, but in fact, the capital here is called Eliad, which is much more prosperous than Mecca, and it is also the most important tourist destination for people. If you want to go sightseeing here, you can make no mistake!

It is worth mentioning that, of course, there will be no obstacles to speaking here in the future, but it is still necessary to pay attention to taking pictures casually in this country, otherwise you will be caught by accident. It is suggested that you ask the local people before photography, so that your sightseeing will become doubly safe. It will also be more polite in such a country where Chinese is now very important. At least don't make people feel that people who speak Chinese are of poor quality.


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