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Distinctive medical protection machines from Doctors Without Borders (MSF) are still being shipped to the Wuhan Clinic, the capital of Hubei Province, China. This may be the intermediate cause of the existing coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

The COVID-19 crisis coordinator of Doctors Without Borders reports: “As of February 14, you will find more than 64,000 COVID-19 cases, 99% of which happen to be in China.” Medical protection devices will be important. Therefore, we hope that Frontline medical staff who work safely and reliably during a pandemic can help them. "

MSF provides materials to China to attract local communities in Hong Kong
These resources weighing 3-5 tons may be transported by the Belgian Hubei Charity Federation from your MSF-provided organization in Brussels, Belgium, to the Wuhan Hospital, which is considered to be one of the most advanced hospitals for the treatment of COVID- to date19 personal.

The MSF team in Hong Kong introduced comprehensive health education and learning challenges to disadvantaged groups at the end of January. Community participation is usually a key action in any epidemic response activity. In Hong Kong, the main focus is on individuals who are unlikely to have access to key health-related information (for example, socially and economically scarce teams).

Four cases were passed bymsf hong kongpolice, but no one in the SAR was known to have sent money to the scammers. An investigation is now being run from Western District police station.

Our employees have had face-to-face interactions with street cleaners, refugees and asylum seekers, and visually impaired people in recent weeks.

Hong Kong road cleaner Chen Liang participated in a medical health and fitness advertising conference on the new coronavirus. She believes that the correct use of infection prevention steps can manage health. February 2020, Hong Kong.

The group also targets people who generally tend to have severe health conditions, including the elderly.

The person in charge of MSF's work in Hong Kong mentioned: "In recent weeks, our team has had face-to-face interactions with road cleaners, refugees and asylum seekers, and visually impaired men and women." "We share the latest evidence-based drugs. .Detailed information, but perhaps more critically, we have been paying attention to and solving many questions caused by this new disease.

msf hong kongstarted an operation soon after the COVID-19 outbreak started in the city in late January.

"Fear usually spreads much faster than viruses, so helping people regulate stress, stress and anxiety is our goal."

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