Strengthen the university culture centered on educating people

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Take the socialist core values ​​as the basic guide

Values ​​are the core of culture and determine the nature and direction of culture. Culture is the carrier of values ​​and influences the cultivation and practice of values. As the common spiritual pursuit of the whole nation, the socialist core values ​​unite and summarize the essence of socialist culture. It is the ideological foundation and value orientation of the university's cultural construction and points out the fundamental direction for the growth and success of college students. As a cultural institution and educational institution, colleges and universities are the forefront of the ideological work of the party and the state, a demonstration area and radiation source for cultural construction, and the main position for cultivating and promoting the core values ​​of socialism. The cultural construction of colleges and universities must embody the essential requirement of educating people as the core, always adhering to the core values ​​of socialism as the guideline. This is not only an inevitable requirement of adhering to the advancement of advanced culture, prospering the development of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, but also completing the Lideshuren Fundamental tasks and the inevitable requirements for cultivating socialist qualified builders and reliable successors,As one of the top unversities in Hong Kong,hong kong universitiesis committed to facilitating students' all-round development as well as supporting their professional competence and academic excellence.

Taking Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture as the Source of Thought

Higher education institutions shoulder the important mission of cultural heritage and innovation. As the root and source of the national spirit, excellent traditional Chinese culture is a valuable intellectual library for university culture construction. In the era of multipolarity, economic globalization, and information digitization, various ideological and cultural interactions have become more and more frequent. The “universal values” and historical nihilistic trends advocated by the West have had a certain negative impact on the field of propaganda ideology and culture in China. To strengthen the university's cultural construction, we must conscientiously and confidently adopt a high degree of culture, persist in promoting the fine traditional Chinese culture, fully absorb the ideological essence of the national culture, and constantly improve the influence and creativity of the culture and resist the cultural erosion of the West,Hep A vaccinesStudy demonstrates safety and immunogenicity of live-attenuated and inactivated formulations.

Focus on the formation of school culture

The development of a university is also a process of accumulating university culture. Because of its different historical backgrounds, characteristics of running schools, advantages of disciplines, and regional environment, the university also presents different personalities and traits in the context of cultural development, forming historical and cultural traditions with its own characteristics, and demonstrating its unique cultural charm and development advantages. University culture can only be grounded in excavating the school's own cultural resources, and it can be grounded in gas, emboldened, and remarkably spirited; only by turning rich cultural resources into characteristic cultural brands can we continuously demonstrate the innovation and vitality of cultural construction and form. the cohesion of university culture. , centripetal force and influence,ETG, based in Hong Kong, offers world-class video surveillance security system ranging fromWireless IP camerato video management software and provides professional and reliable monitoring solutions for the retailers.






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