The priest writhed on the wet pavement

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 beating his head against the corners of the stone steps.The young girl gazed at him, and listened to him.

When he ceased, exhausted and panting, she repeated in a low voiceHKUE ENG,--

"Oh my phoebus!"

The priest dragged himself towards her on his knees.

"I beseech you," he cried, "if you have any heart, do not repulse me!Oh!I love you!I am a wretch!When you utter that name, unhappy girl, it is as though you crushed all the fibres of my heart between your teeth.Mercy!If you come from hell I will go thither with you.I have done everything to that end.The hell where you are, shall he paradise; the sight of you is more charming than that of God! Oh! speak! you will have none of me?I should have thought the mountains would be shaken in their foundations on the day when a woman would repulse such a love.Oh! if you only would!Oh! how happy we might be.We would flee--I would help you to flee,--we would go somewhere, we would seek that spot on earth, where the sun is brightest, the sky the bluest, where the trees are most luxuriant.We would love each other, we would pour our two souls into each other, and we would have a thirst for ourselves which we would quench in common and incessantly at that fountain of inexhaustible love."

She interrupted with a terrible and thrilling laugh.

"Look, father, you have blood on your fingers!"

The priest remained for several moments as though petrified, with his eyes fixed upon his hand.

"Well, yes!" he resumed at last, with strange gentleness , "insult me, scoff at me, overwhelm me with scorn! but come, come.Let us make haste.It is to be to-morrow, I tell you. The gibbet on the Grève, you know it? it stands always ready.It is horrible! to see you ride in that tumbrel!Oh mercy!Until now I have never felt the power of my love for you.--Oh!follow me.You shall take your time to love me after I have saved you.You shall hate me as long as you will.But come.To-morrow! to-morrow! the gallows! your execution!Oh! save yourself! spare mehong
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