Your best guide to planning the best junk trip in Hong Kong

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Junk months are back! Here’s all you need to know to make sure touring around the ocean

If you are planning the best offshore party, we have your back. Junk tripping is among the city’s most widely used summer time pastimes for sun, ocean and shenanigans. There's a ship for everybody, from luxurious yachts with health spa treatments to some good-traditional junk boat. Fortunately, we’ve narrowed lower our top boat and junk catering services within this ultimate guide, so all you need to do is select one.hong kong hotel in kowloon

When you should go

Hong Kong’s junk season usually starts in May which last until September, because of the sunshine and warm weather, but technically you are able to go anytime, even during the night. Make sure to book a few several weeks ahead of time because these junks have a tendency to get clicked up fast - especially throughout the summer time holidays. The summer time season could be a little temperamental with typhoons and rainstorms check the elements forecast a couple of days before.

What to do

From busy beaches with astoundingly blue waters to secluded islands in the far-flung edges from the territory, Hong Kong doesn't have insufficient destinations for junk trippers to decrease their anchors. Most junks usually leave Central, Causeway Bay, Aberdeen or Sai Kung piers. Enable your junk company know where you need to anchor or let it rest as much as these to organize your junk trip route. Your captain will probably have tips about what to do with respect to the climate conditions and what you would like your experience to become. If you are searching for many ideas, here are a couple of popular anchor points across Hong Kong.

Millionaire’s Beach

Situated in Sai Kung Country Park, Millionaire’s Beach is really a well-known hot place for a lot of junk parties. With freshwater lagoons and hidden coves, it’s the right place to go for snorkelling. This beach could possibly get quite crowded throughout the summer time several weeks with loud music and junk swapping, ideal for individuals searching for any party.


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