Japanese fresh style poster design

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Hello, everyoneDo it nowJapanese small fresh style. poster designGrab a few Japanese style. highlightsThe font should be thin and not too thickFine and delicateThe color is more pink in the series.Do n』t be too bright, saturation is not too highThis is the standard for color selectionThe next one is simple and neat.Not too complicatedOpen a new fileA4 new horizontalClick the line segment section tool to draw a straight lineLeft click to pull down and hold down shift to draw a straight lineAll rightClick the selection tool black arrow to select oneHold the alt arrow into a black and white arrowLeft click to move to the right and drag a line outLet go of the left button to complete the copy of a line. We have to repeat the action of copying.

Called Transform. again ctrl + DRepeatedly press ctrl + D to repeatedly generate linesProduce a whole row of line segmentsIt ’s okay to choose all of them now.But I want to make a fewI want to make a fewJust click on the line, hold shift and select other linesPick a fewClick effect / distortion and distortion / roughness effectCheck the preview to see the effectThe main goal is to complete the curveDetail setting 0Dimensions to see how the curve is what you wantSelect smoothing belowOk press okLines can be changed colorSelect the frame. for colorThe lines are currently the same. There is no thickness. You can set a brush to apply the lines.

Use the oval toolDraw a slender line with pointed endsFill the area with black frame. without colorPull to brush faceSelect line drawing brushSelect color tone after pressing OKDiscoloration will be more convenientYou can press the bulb on the right hand sideTo change the color of the line drawing brush, it depends on the color of the frame.We choose the color tone so that the entire color can be changed without any other black frame. effects.Press OKNow it ’s time to select the line segment and fill in the color of the selection frame.Change the color after putting on the brush, remember to choose a little more pinkSelect the line you want and then change the colorSet the brush and then change the color several times in a row.

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You can change the color of the straight lines at the same time.Basically it looks like this linePersonally choose blue or green light color to make colorBackground in blueYou can draw a rectangle and fill it with white, then click the transparency panel to adjust the transparency.Remember to go to the frameTranslucent effect is point window / transparencyWay to reduce transparencyFinally, choose the blue color for the text.Such a work is completedSo even if you complete a Japanese style. configurationJapanese small freshGrab a few pointsChange with linesEnter text againRemember to choose the color of the pink series abovePlease subscribe and share if you likeThank you

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