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Prepare to dive in to the vibrant Asian city Hong Kong - glistening skyline views, a few of the world’s most enjoyable bars and restaurants, in addition to lush untouched nature and beaches turn it into a must-stop in your Asian adventures! Wander through its lively roads which never appear to rest, involving inside a physical feast of cultural diversity introduced from the Chinese roots and colonial days and finish in raging bars to celebrate happy hour and existence! A dense city filled with many wonders, Hong Kong distinctively brings a raw and authentic experience with East meets West!

Uncover the ten must-do’s in Hong Kong, get excited by browsing its best restaurants & bars and discover where you need to stick with our Ultimate Hong Kong Travel Guide!hong kong hotel in kowloon

Venture to the top level and absorb breathtaking breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s sky-high structures nestled among lush mountainous greenery, capped having a busy harbour of countless outgoing and incoming motorboats. Come across night for glistening skyline views or day for that ultimate travel shot.

Ways to get there: by hiking trail, tram, or taxi/bus ride.

Browse our guide around the 8 best views in Hong Kong for additional Instagram-worthy shots!

For any special night underneath glittering skies, visit the Aqua Luna Junk for any spectacular look at the town in the Victoria Harbour. The Aqua Luna Junk is really a similar to classic “Chinese Junks,” transporting you to the days of old at ocean. Get cozy aboard and snuggled in blankets with all your family members, and sip on chilled champagne for any tipsy ride using the Hong Kong skyline illuminating because the backdrop and reflecting romantically within the waters. An amazing ride to see and never to become missed! Book in advance with Klook.


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