2 kinds of English art words

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Hey ~ I'm hitting fruitToday we are going to learn 2 ways to quickly write word artLet's startFirst is the firstMaterials needed: pen and paperIs not this nonsensical? This is nonsense, XDThe pen you need is specialIt's this one-piece nibNot one by one like a brushThis way you can quickly write beautiful art wordsThis kind of pen book office and art club are sold, everyone can look it upBut it still needs a little practice so let's practice itHere is the practice paperThere are some gray and white blanks on the Internet for you to practiceWrite this with the pen you wantPress down (draw down) is the need to control the forceDraw upwards to gently lift upThis is the first to go back and hook upThe other is to draw up first and then press down heavily.Next is O & CIt ’s okay to write badly, it just needs a little practiceI would say the reason this is better is becauseThe pen will not be divided into thin stripsWriting is not easy to forkIt is better to control the roughing when lifting down.Then, in addition to the practice of strokes, there are also uppercase and lowercase exercises.

You can print it down (the URL is in the description box)This is what someone on the Internet can do for everyone to printLet me show you how I practicedBecause it has a gray background, it is very good for strokes (?) Very good for practicing XDAfter each exercise, there is blank paper to write as you just wroteIt ’s ugly to write, it does n』t matter that you can use the pen to modify itIf you practice better, you wo n』t be XD like meThe two Gs are written differentlyThen the second method is to take a normal penWrite the words you want to write in a pseudo-cursive script.It ’s simpler and more controllable to make the thicker drawing downThen you can't draw well if others can't see it because you have retouched it !!

Then the thickness of the stroke you press depends on your moodAnyway, it's down and downThe fine part is generally well controlled so it is easy to get startedIf you want to write in cursive style, you still need to practice a littleIf you have a master of art word (honorific title), please share some tips

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