Father was loath to part with

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 my brother to sit in his place in this council. He bids us accept Tyrion as the Hand of the King, until such time as he himself can join us.”  Grand Maester Pycelle stroked his flowing white beard and nodded ponderouslywebsite promotion agency. “It would seem that a welcome is in order.”  

“Indeed.” jowly, balding Janos Slynt looked rather like a frog, a smug frog who had gotten rather above himself. “We have sore need of you, my lord. Rebellion everywhere, this grim omen in the sky, rioting in the city streets...”  “And whose fault is that, Lord Janos?” Cersei lashed out. “Your gold cloaks are charged with keeping order.

As to you, Tyrion, you could better serve us on the field of battle.”  He laughed. “No, I’m done with fields of battle, thank you. I sit a chair better than a horse, and I’d sooner hold a wine goblet than a battle-axe. All that about the thunder of the drums, sunlight flashing on armor, magnificent destriers snorting and prancing? Well, the drums gave me headaches, the sunlight flashing on my armor cooked me up like a harvest day goose, and those magnificent destriers shit everywhere.

Not that I am complaining. Compared to the hospitality I enjoyed in the Vale of Arryn, drums, horseshit, and fly bites are my favorite things.”  Littlefinger laughed. “Well said, LannisterAdvanced practicing nurses. A man after my own heart. “  Tyrion smiled at him, remembering a certain dagger with a dragonbone hilt and a Valyrian steel blade. We must have a talk about that, and soon. He wondered if Lord Petyr would find that subject amusing as well. “Please ,” he told them, “do let me be of service, in whatever small way I can.”

 Cersei read the letter again. “How many men have you brought with you? “  “A few hundred. My own men, chiefly.  any of his. He is fighting a war, after all.”  “What use will your few hundred men be if Renly marches on the city, or Stannis sails from Dragonstone? I ask for an army and my father sends me a dwarf. The king names the Hand, with the consent of council. Joffrey named our lord father.”  

“And our lord father named me.”  “He cannot do that. Not without Joff’s consent.”  “Lord Tywin is at Harrenhal with his host, if you’d care to take it up with him,” Tyrion said politely. “My lords, perchance you would permit me a private word with my sister ?”  






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