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Staring out the window, the wind rocking, a pale stranger thoughts in the wind, with tenderness heart wordless regrets. This along the wayIP Networking, the scenery along the way, flowers bloom, look at all the world changes in temperature, immersion those most persistent in the life of hope.

In the world of mortals, the old sorrow away from the pain, at this point, touch a frame. silent scenery, condenses the eyes of the deep and remote blue staining. At that time, who took whose hand, meet in this life the afterlife? Today, who let go of who hand, away from the end of the world's missing? That wipe don't go to the separation of acacia, leave acacia, separation around the eyes, but also just the one, the back light bleak.

Life in countless traveler, come and go, brush, dreams, what also do not leave in the endNeo skin lab. All past is flashy dream, eventually left me waiting for the world of mortals story thought into injury, gaunt appearance. , don't back to the guy from the broken bridge, how many the solitary life of a monk sent away. Now, broken bridge still, change is therefore the heart, is only a dream.

Astimegoesby unnoticeably, between the fingers flowing quietly, sad interest-free, tentacles. Time such as scissors, cut constantly a sigh. Holding a patchwork of years, it is still so good-looking, the wasted years of silence, looking for traces of yesterday gently, but has been heavy rain break, I gently smile, smile to life emotion, won't leave traces of pale smileNespresso.






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