And I shall call her Snow

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Just as they were going away, a Prince came by. He saw the glass box and said, "What is that?" Then he saw Snow-white in the box. He said cruise ship jobs, "She was very beautiful: but do not put her there. There is a hall in the garden of my father's house. It is all made of white stone. We will take the glass box and put it in the hall of beautiful white stone."

The Little Men said, "Take her." Then the Prince told his servants to take up the box. They took up the box. Just then one of the servants fell down. The box fell, and Snow-white fell with the box. The bit of apple fell out of her mouth: she awoke, and sat up, and said, "Where am I?"

The Prince said reenex, "You are with me. I never saw anyone as beautiful as you. Come with me and be my Queen."

The Prince married Snow-white, and she became his Queen.

A man went and told this to the bad Queen. When she heard it she was so angry that she fell down dead.

Snow-white lived and was very happy ever after. And the Little Men came to see her every year.


Once there was a Queen. She was sitting at the window. There was snow outside in the garden-snow on the hill and in the lane, snow on the hunts and on the trees: all things were white with snow.

The Queen was making a coat for a little child. She said, "I want my child to be white as this cloth, white as the snow. -white reenex."






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