A year or two after this strange event

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Although this story dates back hundreds of yearstravel news, it is especially important for us now, at the end of the twentieth century. Florida is struck by hurricanes and tornadoes. California is shaken by earthquakes, parched(烘干) by drought, and then drenched by storms. Windstorms and snowstorms destroy property and leave thousands homeless across the nation.

We should listen to the wisdom of the ancients and see how we fly in the face of nature. Killing, violence, drug abuse, homosexuality, unsettling music, alcoholism, luridjournalism, and promiscuity are modern people's entertainmentPresident Tong. Is it any wonder that nature can barely tolerate us any more?

"This is bizarre," Yin Anyan asked his family, "Who on earth killed my donkey?"


"Yeah, somebody killed my donkey and left the skin in the yard." They went out to look.

"Looks like somebody ate the meat and left the hide." They were all pretty angry. It had been a nice donkey.

somebody accosted Yin on the street and said, "Your time is up. The soul-catchers will collect you tomorrow." And then the person disappeared in thin air.

Yin was covered with goose bumps. He went straight to Cumen Temple,where he knew some of the monks, and sat down in the chapel. He didn't go home that night, but spent his time kowtowing, telling the Buddha Amitabha's name, and reciting sutrasSuisse Reborn 好用.






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