Easter has its origins in pre-Christian

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If you visit a supermarket in the UK in March or April, you will notice a curious thing: shelf after shelf is filled with largeielts fee, brightly-coloured eggs.

Look a little closer and you will discover something else. These eggs aren?t real eggs. They are, in fact, made of chocolate. And that can mean only one thing - it?s Easter time again.

Easter is a festival that has been celebrated in Britain for thousands of years. These days we mark the occasion by giving each other chocolate eggs, or Easter Eggs. But what are the roots of this traditional event?

For Christian people Easter is essentially a religious festival. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was killed by the Romans but came back to life three days later. That is why Easter is seen as a time of rebirth and regeneration.

However, some people suggest that , or Pagan, times. They claim that the very earliest societies celebrated the end of winter and the beginning of springrental website for houses? the time when life returns to the land, when crops grow and animals breed again.

Whatever its origins, Easter is big business. The UK's biggest retailer of Easter Eggs sold more than 20 million units last year whilst some luxury Easter Eggs can cost more tha
What is the most important day of your life? For many people the answer is your Wedding Day – the day when you marry another person and promise to live together as husband and wife for the rest of your lives.
Wedding celebrations differ from country to country – in China the bride wears red whilst in India the wedding can continue for three days. However, in Britain the bride wears white and a wedding usually only lasts for one day .






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