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What should I start with ? It ‘s a  dermes bit difficult for me to express myself . I am not outgoing .So I am not used to spending much time chatting with others. Sometimes I admire some people for having so many friends to talk with so happily and randomly. However , I seldom know how to carry on with communication with others . After work , I like learning English , listening to novels and doing some reading at home. Sometimes I even think it is a waste time of going through the information of my friends on Wechat or QQ. I don’t think being good friends means telling each other everything . But I often think of my old friend who once helped me when I was in need . She is my best friend, I think . I know life isn’t easy for her . She  dermesis divorced and has to care for two daughters . What’s worse , she has no job . It is said that she earns a living by selling pancakes in a street. Yet , she is always so kind to me . Sometimes she even sends eggs to me . At the moment , I feel guilty .  How do I treat my friend ? I seldom call her and I don’t know if she lives well with her daughters.  I am selfish and sometimes I only care about myself.  I only spend time working and doing what matters to me. I seldom care for others .Why can’t I make phone calls to them or visit them ?

In the past, I often refused to go to dinner with colleagues or strangers . I thought it was meaningless. I thought what they said was nonsense . But gradually I get to know that some people are just like a book which I should appreciate . And I can learn a lot from them.  Because of the weakness of my personality , sometimes I can’t find anyone to communicate with when I am in trouble . I don’t know what ‘s the proper way to deal with some problems . In the situations , I will find how few friends I have and I am alone .

It’s timePlaygroup  for me to think more and do more for others . And I know it is always easier to say than to do.






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