SMT solder paste printing actions and method recommendations and benchmarks

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With the quick progress of part packaging, a lot more resistance capacitance components this kind of as PBGA, CBGA, CCGA, QFN, 0201, 0100503015 and the like are already commonly employed, as well as the surface area mount technology has also developed fast. While in the production process, the affect and performance of solder paste printing within the complete manufacturing approach has long been paid progressively more focus by engineers. During the marketplace, enterprises also extensively concur that to acquire good welding, long-term and trustworthy excellent solutions, the first thing to pay for awareness to may be the solder paste printing. In output, we should always don't just learn and use solder paste printing technologies, but additionally evaluate the triggers with the challenges, and apply the improvement measures to generation follow.

In order to standardize the solder paste printing procedure of SMT workshop and make sure the printing excellent of solder paste, the subsequent system pointers are formulated, which might be relevant to solder paste printing in SMT workshop of Hong Kong. The engineering department is accountable with the formulation and revision of your guideline; it's dependable for environment printing parameters and enhancing very poor course of action; the production section and high-quality office employ the rule of thumb to make certain fantastic printing high quality.

1?¡é Resources and add-ons used in SMT solder paste printing approach:

1. Printing press

two. PCB board

three. Steel mesh

4. Solder paste

5. Solder paste mixer

2?¡é SMT solder paste printing actions

one. Test right before printing

one.1 verify the correctness of PCB to generally be printed;

one.two check out whether or not the PCB surface area to be printed is total and cost-free from flaws and grime;

1.3 examine whether the steel mesh is constant with PCB and no matter if its rigidity meets the printing needs;

1.four check out whether or not the metal mesh is blocked. In case of gap plugging, wipe the metal mesh with dust-free paper dipped with alcoholic beverages, and dry it with an air gun. Keep a length of 3-5cm amongst the steel mesh and also the air gun;

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1.5 examine if the solder paste utilised is suitable and irrespective of whether it's utilised as outlined by the "storage and use of solder paste". Note: take note of the rewarming time, mixing time, the excellence in between lead-free and lead-free, etc.

two. SMT solder paste printing

two.1 resolve the right steel mesh on the printing machine and debug it;

2.2 assemble a thoroughly clean and good scraper around the printing press;

2.3 insert the solder paste for the steel mesh with the solder paste stirring knife. The height from the initially solder paste is about 1cm, as well as width is 1.5-2CM. The length is dependent upon the duration of the PCB. Both sides are 3cm more time compared to printing area, and may not be too lengthy or way too small. Following that, include the solder paste every two hours, and also the tin material is about 100g;

2.four set them into PCB board for printing. The first 5 pcs of printed boards are expected to become absolutely inspected. Right after the printing high quality is Ok, inform. IPQC to the very first inspection. After confirming which the printing quality is regular, advise the manufacturing line operators to start out manufacturing;

2.5 inside the typical printing process, the operator must check the printing result every half one hour to check whether there are some undesirable phenomena this kind of as deficiency of tin, steady tin, pinching, displacement, lacking printing, and so forth., and give attention to the printing result of elements with abnormal pin density, these types of as "BGA, QFP, SOP, layout and insertion";

2.6 for each five pcs printed, the steel mesh really should be cleaned when. If you can find components "BGA, QFP, SOP, row and plug" with as well dense pins on the PCB board, the cleaning frequency should really be improved as soon as every single 3pcs;

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2.7 within the output course of action, if continuous 3pcs printing is observed to generally be faulty, the technician shall be told for debugging; the PCB board with very poor printing shall be cleaned. Clean the PCB surface area using a minimal gold paste, and don't scratch the area with the PCB along with the gun;

2.eight within the normal printing process, it really is essential to regularly test whether or not the solder paste overflows, and gather the overflowing solder paste;

2.9 soon after the top of manufacturing, the solder paste, scraper, metal mesh along with other auxiliary components and equipment need to be recovered, and the fixture really should be cleaned in line with the "storage and usage of solder paste" and "steel mesh cleaning procedure guide";

three. Solder paste printing system requirements the most crucial printing defects include: much less tin, steady tin, sharp drawing, displacement, lacking printing, excessive tin, collapse, filthy PCB board, and so on,

3.2 the printing thickness of solder paste is from - 0.02mm to + 0.04mm;

three.3 guarantee that there's no defect within the welding result soon after the furnace;

Tips on how to print solder paste nicely

1 Things of solder paste

Solder paste is way much more elaborate than pure tin guide alloy. Its most important factors are as follows: solder alloy particles, flux, rheological regulator, viscosity manage agent, solvent, etcetera. It is important to learn the suitable factors and choose differing kinds of solder paste; at the same time, additionally it is essential to pick out huge factories with best manufacturing process and stable excellent. In general, the subsequent components must be deemed when deciding on solder paste:

1.1 viscosity of solder paste

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The viscosity of solder paste is definitely the most vital factor influencing the printing performance. In the event the viscosity is simply too significant, the solder paste is just not straightforward to pass through the opening in the template, the printed strains are incomplete, the viscosity is just too small, and it is easy to circulation and collapse, which impacts the printing resolution plus the smoothness of lines.

The viscosity of solder paste could be measured with the precise viscometer. In precise do the job, in case the company buys imported solder paste, a straightforward strategy may be used for making qualitative judgment for the viscosity in normal production: raise the solder paste that has a scraper to view no matter whether it's slowly and gradually and move by phase to accomplish a moderate viscosity. Concurrently, we also believe that in order to generate the solder paste use a excellent viscosity characteristic just about every time, we want to perform. the subsequent:

(one) Throughout the process from 0 ?? to area temperature, the sealing and time will have to be guaranteed;

(two) It truly is greater to work with unique stirrer for mixing;

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