Love, in a cup of tea

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Tonight, I write these drunk.

Not for love, only to miss

Not to get, but in order to fulfill

Not for the result, only to regret

Not to not forget, just for financing

Not to meet , just in order to destroy the rim

Not to look forward to, just to silence

Not to meet, just to cool

Not to recall, just for the sake of peace

Not to miss, just to forget

Not to write to you, just for yourself

Not for the sake of what, just for the sake of what

When idle disorderly pen and ink. In order to release the mood, hone years, recall the past, cherish the past.

Seize the moment of life from the heart touchedtheradome reviews, and let the soul of a flash of inspiration to stay. Those who have already yesterday, because is too beautiful. So, can't forget, always remember.

Some let me moved, some make me heartache, there are many memories, heart to me. But, it doesn't matter, I also really remember, when the first met the good, the pure feelings let me remember, you are kind of ray never bleak.

Obtained many years already, time is a gentle knife, I have been cut into ruin, and of your beautiful face, never grow old, still stay in you when I break up of the spring.

Today, when bored, write down these languages. But all this, I still can't, don't want to, don't want to let you know that every word is afraid of be you see. Despite decades, thing of all pain may have been scarred into a cocoon, don't know the words, will plunge into scar, the heart to pain.

Once wrote many poems for you. Today, daub of these words has nothing to do with you, although you is the soul of my poems, lose you, all the fine language appears empty. Time loss, eyes falling petals of missing from time to time, you are always from the leisurely in the dream, and dim, hands touch your long hair, and also with faint aroma. Will your shadow collection, with my life, in the night of the month, half drunk depicting ink, JueQing word, the whisper of shallow sing. Let time to take away from the memory of the past, and the endless from ruin.

We live in the same world, in different stage of life, deducing the their respective, whatever feeling, others are looking, can let the warm sunshine and love, into life, go light, WenYun her people. Life is a state of mind, the so-called happiness, it has to do with what you have a little to do quality. Many times, you need only a calm mood, according to sit by the window, a cup of tea, a book, a music, light feeling, in the light of time on the slip from the fingers, and your love, only in reach distance, warmth, in a cup of tea!






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