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The heart, can be amplified to narrowtr90, memory can be long or short. Walk every day in the troubled world of mortals, the daily necessities of life, everyone is more or less one point the selfishness, made a reasonable, can one smile ha ha, a few days will forget, ate kui, will lay one a knot in my mind, if you don't understand, no one would have to untie.

In life, the past is forever indelible mark, whether happy or not, if satisfied, cannot change what happened, no one can sit time machine back to the past, reverse, also nobody can buy regret medicine, start all over againNeo skin lab. Release only one way is to let the past pass, let yesterday bad things before today's first one ray of sunshine rises into clouds, not in my heart left a shadow.

Put stumbles mood yesterday, to disperse the those past clouds wrapped around the eyes, can better enjoy sunshine, enjoy the four seasons was, let the good now, the landscape into a beautiful scenery in my heart.

What is love? Article I wrote in the space of about love, also wrote a few articles about the log of love, but when friends ask me that question, or meditate for a long time, I don't know how to answer. Love, what is?

Love the timeless topic, for one thousand years, numerous letters are included in the paper, it is happiness of freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, also have sad chapter broken, have less crazy, also have a crane attachment. About love verses, Although the brushwork of everybody is different, but as long as carefully read, have calendar one thing in common, that is the "heart". Li shangyin's one sentence "what when cut the west window of candle, but the words of bashan patter." Make one copy of thick acacia and to pure emotion and send one copy from thousands of thoughtsyou beauty, one copy to reunite expectations, one copy candlelight night accept, plain language describing turn the heart of the incisively and vividly. Bai juyi's one sentence "in the day to do a pair of lovebirds, on the ground and willing to do twinned trunks." The beautiful yearning to the love, naked in front of the world, says the through the ages, people pursuit of love is the most beautiful state and persistent.






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