Liquid cooled lid for thermal management device

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Utilising state-of-the-art technique simulation types lets the company to improve just about every lid’s style. and design for productive heat dissipation by way of various cooling mechanisms.

Classic options which includes finned and liquid cooled heatsinks have been market staples for quite some time but are minimal while in the level of ability they could guidance.

We provide a wide range ofthermal managemensystems.Think out of the box with our innovative products. Enjoy our premium features and sperior performance.

Smiths Interconnect has refined these solutions by introducing a Hi-Perform. Liquid Cooled lid built-in by using a Chiller in addition to a Heatpipe | Heatsink variant.

These methods extend tests abilities as a result of the ability to dissipate 650 Watts. These lids stabilize the junction temperature in a wanted range allowing for IC testing in a higher thermal electrical power position for any longer length resulting in a very much far more exact test.

The products and solutions are designed specially to your user’s correct software and will provide these extra gains:

Compatibility with regular socket and lid-mounting design and style. footprints permitting for easy conversion to an increased thermal administration resolution, therefore, increasing check accuracy.

Try our and discover the benefits of a portable, convenient and  easy to use & maintain product. Save plastic, money and time.

Availability of the compact, table-top chiller device consuming minimal room inside a take a look at lab.

Utilisation of existing exam components, coolant mediums and air inlets, therefore requiring minimal financial commitment for integration when decreasing the overall cost of testing

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Liquid cooled lid for thermal administration device






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