Far from indoor pollution, say "no" to the three mistakes.

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June 5, the 47th World Environment Day, is the time of year when indoor air pollution usually becomes a hot topic. Over the years, many families have been aware of the pollution and consequences of decoration. In order to avoid the harm of decoration pollution to human body, homeowners usually leave empty after decoration for a period of time, evaporation and smell before entering, will also be keen to try various prevention and treatment of decoration pollution tricks circulated between the house, more attention to the family will be asked to inspect the door-to-door inspection, once found pollutants exceed the standard, and will be treated. preventing and controlling decoration pollution is a very professional and systematic project. At the moment when people attach importance to home decoration environmental protection, consumers will inevitably have some misunderstandings when taking protective measures.Thousands of companies around the world use partition panel for their offices.

Misunderstanding, indoor air pollution is decoration pollution.

Erroneous detection and accurate measurement

Indoor air pollution is not entirely equivalent to decoration pollution, but compared with biological pollution, particulate pollution, decoration pollution is easier to self-regulation and control. For indoor air pollution, how should consumers identify excessive or not? How to choose a reliable testing agency?Book Hong Kong GDH Hotel and enjoy the perfectHong Kong hotel booking choice for both leisure and business travelers. Best rates guaranteed and situated in Tsim Sha Tsui. Good accessibility with quality service!

Misunderstanding in management of indoor air pollution once and for all

Indoor air pollution is not controlled once, once and for all, it is cyclical. As far as decoration pollution is concerned, after the house decoration, consumers will be treated. Chronic treatment mostly chooses to open windows, ventilation, green planting, etc. Quick treatment chooses the "formaldehyde removal" service, then the rapid treatment method, generally how long after can be accommodated? How long is the cycle of decoration management?brca gene mutation

Under common conditions, indoor air pollution exceeds 5 times, and after one week of treatment, it can be admitted. However, as far as decoration pollution is concerned, it is difficult to have a specific date for how long to stay after the treatment because of the different decoration process, furniture and building materials used by each family, and hidden projects required.

The assessment standards used in different indoor areas and different furniture and building materials are also different. Because indoor air is mixed and superimposed by a variety of furniture and building materials, not only a household product, so the determination of indoor air pollution sources, it is necessary to evaluate according to the standards set by the material itself. For example, furniture, floors, carpets, wallpaper have the corresponding standard requirements, consumers after testing, can be compared with the corresponding standards of various categories to distinguish whether the standard is exceeded.

However, it is necessary to remind consumers that less decoration materials, less volatilization of indoor air pollution, on the contrary, more decoration materials, decoration technology complex, more flexible assembly decoration, more volatilization of indoor air pollution, the higher the concentration of pollution. In addition, as the external temperature increases, the source of decoration pollution becomes more active, and the speed of evaporation is faster. Especially in the high temperature summer, the speed of pollution volatilization accelerates, when consumers can be re-treated. The interval period should be determined according to the personal conditions of consumers, three months, half a year and one year.






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